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Cookies and how we use them

What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a file created on your computer’s hard drive which allows websites and applications to store your preferences. This allows the website to identify your computer when you view our website allowing content based around your preferences to be displayed. 
Cookies also give us information, such as how many people use the website and what pages they tend to visit which helps us as a practice to provide better information to serve our patients needs.

How we use cookies:
We may use cookies to:

Analyse our website traffic using analytics – collated usage data helps us improve the website structure, design, content and functions. 
- Store information about your preferences – the website can then present information you will find more relevant and interesting. 
- Cookies do not and cannot provide us with access to your computer or any information about you, other than that what you may choose to share with us. 

Controlling Cookies

You can use your web browser's cookie settings to determine how our website uses cookies. If you do not want our website to store cookies on your computer or device, you should set your web browser to refuse cookies.
Unless you have changed your browser to refuse cookies, our website will issue cookies when you visit it.